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Current positions available:

Driving Instructor (ADI) – Local Driving School: Work as a certified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with a local driving school. Provide driving lessons to learners, help them develop essential skills, and prepare them for their driving tests. This role allows you to engage with your community and contribute to safer roads.

Specialist Driving Instructor – Advanced Driving Courses: Become a specialist driving instructor offering advanced driving courses. Focus on teaching advanced driving techniques, defensive driving, and specialized skills for challenging road conditions. This role can cater to experienced drivers looking to enhance their skills or those in professions that require advanced driving knowledge.

Fleet Driver Trainer – Corporate Sector: Work with corporate clients as a Fleet Driver Trainer. Provide training to employees who drive company vehicles, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulations. This role can be valuable for companies aiming to enhance the driving skills of their staff and reduce the risk of accidents.

Driving Instructor Trainer – Training Schools: Train the next generation of driving instructors by becoming an instructor trainer. Work with driving instructor training schools to educate and mentor individuals pursuing a career as driving instructors. This role involves sharing expertise, providing feedback, and ensuring new instructors meet certification standards.

Driving School Owner – Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Establish and run your own driving school. This entrepreneurial opportunity allows you to build a business, manage a team of instructors, and create a brand known for quality driver education. This role involves business operations, marketing, and ensuring the success and growth of your driving school.


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